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What is Nutri V Rich ?

Nutri V Rich is a raw and live food with nutrients in natural balance. It is raw food that contains live enzymes, made by lyophilization (freeze drying) of 45 varities of grains, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweeds and fruits organically grown on fertile soil. It provides a well balanced of nutrients for our body with abundance of phytochemicals and, a full range of vitamins and minerals. It also includes Probiotics, Lactobicillus Bacterium.
What is raw food ?

Raw food is uncooked food. As heating food above 47 deg C (116 deg F) can destroy the essential enzymes, most cooked food is not considered raw. These enzymes are essential for digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Hence, with the availability of these enzymes in raw food, it adds to the nutritional value of the food we take.
Benefits of Nutri V Rich
Nutri V Rich is made for your optimum health. A dietary revolution.

Nutri V Rich nutricious vegefruit instant drink is made up of nature's live ingredients by lyophilization of 45 kinds of grains, vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms, and seaweeds. The ingredients are grown on the environmental friendly organic farm which is located Gangwon-do, Korea. The combination of ingredients is specially designed to maximise the nutrient which unable to absorb through normal meal. Nutri V Rich Instant Drink employs high technology food processing by keeping the natural food in raw form without destroying the origin vitamin, chlorophyll, edible fiber, microelement and other nutrient of the ingredient. This product is free of artificial color and preservatives. It is an ultimate choice for natural, nutritious and healthy food.
Organic Raw Food (45 varieties) with Probiotics
Made Easy for Consumption
45 varities of raw food in one meal that give you abundant of phytochemicals and, full range of vitamins and minerals.
All nutrients are naturally balanced which will benefit all parts of the body.
Strengthen your Immune System.
Improve digestion and absorption of nutrients.
A nature's health fast food and easy to consume.
Help you keep your ideal weight.
Food for anti-aging, anti cancer, improve and prevent diabetic, high blood pressure, and other terminal diseases.
100% natural, no artificial flavours, colors or additives. Completely sealed for every meal.
Nutri V Rich formulated by Dr. James Hwang Sung-Joo

Dr. Hwang, M.D., PhD is an internationally renowned oncologist, and one of the leading scientists, specializing in immune enhancing natural remedies. Dr. Hwang had done an extensive study and research in immunity remedies for cancer and holistic medicines for many years at the Fridenbalier Hospital, The Wesselbron Hospital, and Bio-Medi Hospital, Germany.

He later opened "Loving Care Clinic", specializing in and dealing with geriatric diseases and cancer, and developed "mistletoe immune remedy" and "immunity cocktail remedy" in Korea.
His passion in preventive and alternative medicine led to develope several effective treatments for cancer and degenerative diseases. One of the example was the introduction of Misletoe Immune Remedy for cancer patients, a successful and excellent cancer treatment widely used in Germany.

Since many modern ailments are due to poor diets, he suggested the raw food diet as a revolutionary diet to promote health. He developed Nutri V Rich, a natural raw meal, as a diet therapy for patient and people concerning health.
Brown Rice, Adlay, Black Rice, Glutinous Millet, Sorghum, Millet,
Monascus Barley, Hongguk Barley, Glutinous Brown Rice, Red Bean,
Soybean, Small Black Soybean, Black Sesame.
Vegetables, Herbs &
Pumpkin, Carrot, Potato, Tomato, Cabbage, Radish, Radish Stalks,
Brocolli, Codonopis Lanceolata, Burdock, Leek, Dropwort, Barley Sprout,
Kale, Angelica, Mugwort, Citron.
Laver, Brown Seaweed, Kelp, Green Laver
Shitake, Ganoderma Lucidum.
Spirulina, Palatinose, Vitamin Mix, Rice Processed Powder, Rice Protein
Powder, Probiotics (Lactobacillus Bacterium), Luohanguo Extracts, Rice
Protein,Yeast, etc.
Main Ingredients:
A box of 30 raw food packs
Inclusive a 400 ml shaker.
To make any enquiry about Longrich Products, kindly contact us.
To make any enquiry about Longrich Products, kindly contact us.
"I also observed amazing results from clinical experiments at our hospital. Raw food was almost 100% effective in treating a range of conditions such as high blood pressure, fatty liver, diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes), obesity, gastritis, liver disease, allergies, and high cholesterol associated with unhealthy eating habits. Further great news: The effectivenessincreased with the period of treatment." - Dr. James Hwang.
A formula of 45 varieties Organic Raw Food
NutriV Rich
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