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Feel the benefit from the combination of Hydrolized Colagen, Mangosteen Skin Extract, Anti-Inflammatory Probiotic, inulin, Stevia, etc.

> Strengthen your bone.
> Anti osteoporiosis.
> Heals cartilage & joints faster than ever.
>Strengthen Immune System.
>Fitness & Weight Loss
>Prevents Skin Aging.
>Skin repair & breast enhancement.

This quality product adopts German Technogy. It is US patented and approved by USFDA.

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Anti-Aging Skin Care Products - It safe, effective, rapid and natural.

Create miracles in 3~15 minutes! Rapid effect with skin permeation BioTRA technology from U.S.
Through BioTRA technolgy, it absorbs deeply in the skin dermis layers, repairs and and revitalizes aging cell tissues.

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Anion Magnetic Sanitary Napkin
Designed to prevent women problems and it is cost effective

This superior lady napkin has 8 layers of protection and designed for
> comfortable, odourless and refreshing all day long.
> high absorption, 2 to 5 times compared to others, make it cost effective.
> prevention of women problems, such as itchiness, sensitive skin, inflammation, lower back pain, fatique, emotionally unstable, urinary tract diseases and others.
> leakage prevention even during heaviest flow by 3 dimension protection wings.
> anti-bacteria by biotechnology magnetic strip.
> every pad is air tight seal and pack with premium aluminum packaging for hygiene.

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Pi Water Cup
Alkaline Water, the Nature's Way

This amazing PI Cup furnished with filters, crystal, tourmaline (known as electrics stone), Pi-Cup eliminates chlorine and harmful heavy metal and pi water (small water cluster). Tourmaline is a natural source of Alkaline Water, Far Infrared (FAR),  Negative Ions and anti-oxidants (to neutralize free radicals). Pi-Cup increases dissolved oxygen.

Organic Raw Food with Probiotics
- Natural nutrition for every part of your body

This product is packed with 45 nutritious vegetables, fruits, grains, seaweeds, mushrooms, etc plus Probiotics. to provide vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals to every organ and system in your body.

It greatly enhances overall health, promotes healing, strengthens immune system, fights free radicals and cancers and helps to improves many chronic diseases, such as diabetic and high blood pressure.

ST Factor - Cellular Supplements for Anti-Aging
(ST stands for Super Telomerase)
Ancient Wisdom, Scientific Discovery

Since the beginning of civilization, royal jelly was regarded as 哲atures Fountain of Youth and its regenerative properties were discovered in China, few thousand years ago, to promote longer life. The Egyptians called royal jelly the 都acred youth elixir and saved it for the Pharaoh and his queen. The Romans considered it a 都weet juice of life, and the Mayan civilization saw it as 土outh tonic for vitality.?/span>
What cause aging? Genetic researchers found that the effects aging start when our cells stop dividing; this is when the aging codes of DNA, called telomeres, are critically short. Dr. Elizabeth and two other scientists had won the 2009 Noble Prize for their work on anti-aging and telomerase.
Bioscientists found that queen bee's colostrums contains enzyme, RNA and DNA factors that can activate human youth enzyme, telomerase, to lengthen the telomeres. This will enable cell division to be continued and reproduction of new cells, hence delay aging down to internal organs.  This is the material, the cellular anti-aging supplement, ST Factor, is made of.
Other benefits: Strengthen immune system, preserve youth & beauty, skin refining, improves microcirculation, remove excess body fat, anti-oxidant and anti-free radicals. Control glucose level and improve diabetic. Help to generate brain cells and central nervous system. Prevent stroke and heart attack. Improve chonic diseases. To alleviate menopause disorder. Enhances sexual ability.

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