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Longrich BioScience
Innovative & Quality Products
Superbklean - Magnetic Energy, Anion & Far Infra Red Sanitary Pad
for Women Health & Hygiene
In Longrich BioScience, we believe that women's health is important for a healthier
next generation. With this in mind, SuperbkleanTM products are designed for safety,
health and comfort.
Safety - Dioxin or chemical free.
Health - Regulate hormones and improve blood circulation. Relieves menstrual paim.
Comfort - High absorption make it dry for hours. Eliminates odour.       

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Organic Raw Food
with Probiotic
Cordyceps Militaris Coffee
Coffee with Aroma &
Health Benefits of Cordyceps
Bone M
A Complete Formula
for Healthy Bones & Joints
Pi Cup
Nature's Alkaline Water
with Small Water Cluster
Shaker Included
Energy Pot
Preserve Nutrients & Great Food Texture.
Make Delicious Soup
Available in Various Sizes
Energy Shoes
With Embeded Magnetic Energy
to Improve Health
for Men, Women(High/Low Heel) & Elderly
All Purpose Cleanser
Multi Purpose Cleaner with
100% Natural Ingredients
500ml Spray Bottle Included
Concentrated Detergent Powder
With Highly Active Compounds
that Removed All Dirt & Stain
Gentle to Hands
Herbal Moisturising Body Wash
Natural Essence of Green Tea, Aloe & Herbs
with Various Vitamins
Feeling Fresh & Elegant  with Herbal Fragrant
Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Soap
Whiten & Smooth the Skin
Reduce Pimples & Scars
Absorb Impurities & Toxin from the Skin
White Tea Nourishing Soap
Natral Assence of White Tea,
Coconut Oil & Honey
Moiturise, Nourish & Smooth the Skin
Concentrated Mouth Wash
Kills 99% of germs and bacteria
White Tea Extract Keep Teeth
Strong & Healthy
Mouth Freshener
White Tea & Mint Essence
Prevent Bacteria Growth
White Tea Multi-effect Toothpaste
Flourine-free White Tea Essence
Prevent Teeth Decay
Improve Root Condition
Antiperspirant Dew
Reduces Underarm Sweat
Relaxing Fragrance
Global Longrich Centurial Longrich
Health Through Harmony of Science & Nature
Longrich BioScience
Cleansing & Tratment 2in1 Shampoo
With Patented EMP Protein Technology
Nourishing Hairs & Scalp
Colour Protect & Treatment Shampoo
With Pomegranate Essence & EMP protein
Makes Hair Glossy & Soft; Dyed Hair Last Longer
Colour Protect & Treatment Conditioner
With Camellia Oil Extracts & EMP protein
Effectively locks in hair color; Supple&Beautiful Hairs
Brightening Styling Gel
Pomegranate & EMP Protein
Keeps Hair Shiny & Beautiful
Sheep Placenta SOD Milk
Makes the Skin Soft & Youthful
Repairs Damaged Skin & Anti-aging
White Tea Dandruff Control Shampoo
Solves Dandruff & Damaged Hair Problems
Nourishing Hair & Makes It Soft & Glossy
Rose Oil Nourishing Body Wash
Rose Oil, Shea Butter, Oat Peptide
Whiten, Soothen, Moisten, Soften the Skin
Protect the Skin from Damage
Floral Hand Cream Set
With Organic Shea Butter
A Set of 3:
- Cherry Blossom Fagrance Cream
- Rose Fragrance Cream
- Refreshing Hand Moist Gel
SKIN CARE SERIES - For Beauty & Healthy Skin
EVERGREEN Skin Care Series
Created by an Advanced Skin Science, at Health & Cosmatics Research Institute,  New York, USA. The institute was established for a comprehensive research into the biological & physiological properties, and developed into high end cosmetics and skin care products, by using the most advance technologies and formulas.

Using various natural assence, such as pomegranate, Jojoba Oil, Coffee Bean, Soy & variuos fruit extracts, to brighten, moisturise and nourish the skin with variuos nutrients & anti-oxidants. Provide various properties for healthy& beauty skin: anti-wrinkles/anti-aging, skin healing by promoting skin regeneration, avoid over production of melanin that darken the skin and anti-inflammation.

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Household Water Purification System For Drinking & Shower
Eliminate Chlorine, Anti-Oxidant, Removal of Heavy Metals, Alkaline Balance Water, Removal of Pesticide & Odor, Soften Water, Mineralization, Active Energy Water with Anion Exchange, Strong Magnetic Energy, Small Water Cluster Activity, Increase Beauty Elements with Shower.
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