Iridology - Health Analysis from the iris of the eye
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Longrich Business
How to Qualify for Longrich Membeship
ENTRY LEVELS: Platinum VIP, Gold, Silver & Q-Silver
1.   New members & existing members can buy more than 1 package and each package becomes a Profit Centre that generates income based on Entry Level and Longrich BioScience bonus calculation. All bonuses are paid in US dollar.

2.   To fulfill the entry level of each Package, the member needs to achieve the minimum required PV by purchasing similar or different products.

Example 1:
10 boxes of Bone-M                                  50PV x 10 =   500PV
2 boxes of NutriVRich                               90PV x   2 =   180PV
1 Pi-Water Cup (500ml)                             60PV x   1 =     60PV
                                                                        Total        =   740PV

With this, the member is qualified for a Gold Entry Level and the Profit Centre has a Gold Membership Account.

Example 2:
1 box of NutriVRich                               90PV x   1 =   90PV
                                                                    Total        =   90PV

With this, the member is qualified for a Q-Silver Entry Level and the Profit Centre has a Q-Silver Membership Account.
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