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Jiangsu LONGLIQI Bio-Science Co., Ltd (Longrich) is located in the LONGLIQI Bio-Industrial Park, which  covers an area of more than 133 hectares (about 500 acres). It produces more than 1000 products in eight categories, including household, cosmetics, health care products, furniture, real estate and logistics. It is one of the largest and most advanced center for research, development, manufacture and sale of cosmetics and health care products in China. it has a total of 10,000 emplyees. In the past 26 years, the company has developed a healthy and steady manner and has become a leader of the national cosmetic industry.
Longrich International Plaza
Corporate Culture
Core Value

        Customers are always in my heart.


        Revitalizing enterprise through talent

        Benefits from professional management

        Expand market through quality products

        Retain customers with excellent service
Jiangsu LONGLIQI Bio-Science Co. Ltd
& Longrich BioScience Group of Companies
"Everyone has dreamed of success, but many have eventually failed because they cannot find a good platform for their career. Longrich provides exactly such a platform for thousands of dreamers, who are bound to succeed as long as they turn dreams into persistent pursuit."   - Xu Zhiwei, The Chairman of Jiangsu lol下注—online
Research & Development
Representative of the Provincial People's Congress (Jiangsu).
Influential Man in China Household Product Industry.
Top 10 Creditable Entreneurs in China.
Top 25 Outstanding Chinese Managers.
The most Influential Man in China Cosmetic Industry.
Xu Zhiwei, MBA, Senior Economist______________________________________
The Chairman of Jiangsu Longliqi BioScience Co. Ltd.  (Longrich BioScience)
Longliqi / Longrich Development Projects in Progress
The artist impression of some of the development of Executive Accommodation Hotel , Wellness & Fitness Club, Recreational Park, Exclusive Business & Research Centre and Hightech Entertainment City in progress.
Business & Research Centre
Wellnes & Fitness Club
Longliqi Recreational, Cultural & Wellness Park
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We        Longrich Bioscience.
Customers are always in
my heart.
Any enquiry about products or becoming a Business Associate of Longrich BioScience, kindly contact us.
The Best of Longrich BioScience
Longliqi Biological Technology Research Center
at Jiangsu Longliqi Biological Industrial Park, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.
Longrich BioScience US Research Team
Longrich BioScience Japan Research Team
8 Research Institutions of Longrich BioScience Worldwide

        Longliqi (Japan) Health & Innovation Center

        Longliqi (USA) Health & Cosmetics Research Institute

        Longliqi Institute of BioTechnology, Jiangnan University
          (Food Science and Technology national key laboratory)

        Longliqi BioTecnology R & D Center (HQ)

        Tsinghua University (School of Life Sciences)

        Longliqi Post-Doctor Research Station

        Longliqi Enterprise Academician Station
        Longliqi French R&D Center.