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Life Code Anti Aging Skincare
with BioTRA Technology
LIFE CODE - The World痴 Expert in Anti-Aging and Top 2 Skin Care and Cosmetic Manufacturing Group

1. Life Code Manufacturing Plant manufactures some world痴 leading cosmetic brands, for example: SK II (Raw material provider), CLARINS, GUERLAIN, LANCOME, ESTEE LAUDER, ELIZABETH ARDEN, BOOTS (U.K), PUPA, KARSTADT, MARKS & SPENCER, BLOOMINGDALE, AVON, HERTIE AND HORTON, SAX, SUPER DRUG, DEBORAH, JC PENNY.

2.  The product quality has achieved both the United States FDA Standards System Certification and the European EEC Accreditation Standards. It has accomplished the Swedish SGS GMP Authentication Standards, SGS ISO 9001 Quality System Certification and SGS ISO 9002:2000 Quality System Certification and Swedish SA 8000 Certification.
BioTRATM Core Technology

Global patented revolutionary technology

Biotra TechLife Code products are exclusively formulated with the global patented, revolutionary technology - BioTRA? The use of this advanced and sophisticated technology has now been further broadened by NexMed Pharmaceuticals Ltd to develop series of pharmaceutical products for external application to treat nail diseases via its phenomenal skin permeation technology, and has now authorized Switzerland Novartis International AG with global sales distribution license for this treatment product.

BioTRA technology emphasizes its integrity to perform triple intelligence actions, whereas its terminology of TRA is- T stands for Target, R stands for Release and A stands for Active.

BioTRA - Target, Release, Active

BioTRA micromolecules allow active ingredients to be penetrated into every targeted region, render full delivery of all biological functions of these active ingredients.Biotra

BioTRA micromolecules shall carry the active ingredients to penetrate through stratum corneum till reaching the targeted areas, then gradually release the active ingredients and maintain its local high concentration to prolong its function for more long lasting effects.

BioTRA micromolecules cell structures are very similar to the human cell structures, thus these micromolecules can be easily absorbed by human tissues and hence further enhance the absorbent efficiency of the active ingredients into the targeted cells.
Life Code International Research Centers

Life Code International has 2 research centers:

1. Life Code International Research Center, in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.

2.  Life Code Organic Raw Material Research Center, in Paris, France.

Life Code International Research Center is headed by Professor Dr. Robert W.Gracy. With current research on:
the area of anti- aging (Professor Dr. Gracy痴 major research).
body and cellular oxidation effects, develop preventive and anti- aging solutions.
the effectiveness of skin penetration technology, develop safe and effective anti-aging products.
The adoption and incorporation of BioTRATM Technology in the Life Code skincare products promote rapid permeation of the natural and organic active ingredients into the skin, thus drastic and effective result is achieved and observed.  Besides the effective result, all Life Code products are multi-purposed. They help to regenerate and activate dormant cells, moisturize dehydrated cells, and repair damaged and ill cells. They also help to tighten and firm up your skin, hence eliminate some of the fine lines and wrinkles of our face.
Natural & Organic Anti-Aging Range of Skincare
... with added Vitamins, Minerals & Amino Acids.
Anti-Wrinkle Series:
The effect of this anti-wrinle series is comparable to the injection of botulinum toxin (botox, a muscle relaxing agent), but it's natural and no side effects. With preciuos herbal ingredients and incorporation of the intelligent skin permeation technology BioTRATM, effective ingredients are absorbed into the skin within 15 minutes, reducing the fine wrinkles almost instantaneously. Study has also shown after 12-week of use, 45% of wrinkles are eliminated and erased from the face. The effect of turning back the clock and erasing all the marks time has left on our face is beyond any leading cosmetic brands in the market can do and promise. The range of the Anti-Wrinkle Series include  eye cream, day cream, night cream, body milk, and others upcoming products.

Products:  Deep Refiner Eye Cream, Deep Refiner Night Cream

Whitening Series:
The effective ingredients in this Whitening Series help to inhibit the production melanin and simultaneously remove dead cells and existing melanin. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin very quickly. Rich whitening molecules can lighten pigmentation and spots, as well as inhibiting the formation of new spots. This Whitening Series also helps to restore transclucency and natural resilience of skin. Day cream contains special ingredient s to create a protective layer to resist against external harm during daytime. Anti-spot cream contains a variety of natural herbal essence that helps to inhibit the activity of tyrosinase and to accelerate pigment metabolism at the same time. The whitening effects can be seen after a week. The range of the Whitening Series includes day cream, night cream, eye cream, anti-spot cream and body milk. All have an excellent whitening effect.

Products:  Deep Refiner Day Cream, Facial Cream, Rejuvinating Collagen,  Anti-Spot Whitening Cream

Herbal Treatment Series:
Life Code R & D centers have more than 100 exclusive effective herbal formulas. Incorporation of the skin permeation technology BioTRATM, a variety of rich minerals and microelements can penetrate deep into the skin to provide the skin proper nourishment. Oxygen and specific elements are targeted to recover cell activity, creating a healthy environment for the cells. The Chinese Herbal Series meets the requirments of many skin types, from whitening glowing. anti-wrikle, moisturizing to cell regeneration, improving and strengthening the skin to its healthiest state.

Products: Revitalizing Lotion, Moisturizing Body Milk

Essence Series:
The essence in this series remove harmful toxins from the skin. The essence also heals damaged cells and restores intelligent valuable elements to the part(s) the skin needs most. Moisturizing essence contains seaweed extract and other natural active ingredients, providing cells moisture and long lasting moisturizing effect.

Products: Moisturizing Essence

Facial Mask Series:
Reduce fine lines, prevent skin aging, provide ntrition to skin cells, nourish and recover aging skin with moisture and anti-wrinkle are the few benefits of the facial moist series. The BioTRATM technology is incorporated in the facial mask, eye mask and neck mask, to deliver a promising result.

Products: Deep Refiner Facial Mask

Cleansing series:
Many of the chemically produced cleansing agents produce free radicals and cause cell aging. Life Code took the first initiative to develop pure natural cleansing products that has free radicals resistance property delaying the aging process of the skin on the basis of deep cleansing.Life Code uses the most advanced technology to extract highly purified cleansing juice from special plant, and concoct it with the special herabl assence bred on space to develop a natural herbal anti- free radical personal care products - shampoo, facial cleanser, and bath series.

Products: Deep Cleansing Milk,

Skin Lifting Series:
The natural plant extract in Life Code Skin Lifting Series helps to discharge toxins and excessive bodily liquid from the body. Life Code Instant Facial Lift Gel can reshape your face in three minutes, and Life Code Skin Lifting Series effectively shed away the excessive fats you desire with a special in-house massage technique.

Products:  Instant Face Lift Gel (Instruction for facial massage is included).
To make any enquiry about Longrich Products, kindly contact us.
To make any enquiry about Longrich Products, kindly contact us.
To make any enquiry about Longrich Products, kindly contact us.
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